Tuesday, 21 February 2012


So..the new medication I am on is called Cipralex. It is a similar medication to effexor, in that it is an SSRI. It can very easily cause mania in bipolar patients, but that is what the divalproex is for.

Wiggers had learned about cipralex at a conference discussing mental health disorders. Apparently, it is a great anti-depressant for bipolar. I haven't been able to find any real studies to support what makes it more effective than anything else.

It has a few side effects that I have noticed already. The sexual side effects are stronger, or maybe because it is effecting my brain in a new way I have to learn to over come them again - regardless orgasm is harder to come by. I also have a particularly embarrassing side effect that I am not quite ready to discuss yet. I am quite embarrassed by it, and hope that it, too, passes shortly. I also notice that its affects are stronger. It has definitely helped me get out of my depressive thinking, and stopped my from being generally sad, however, I can now notice when I don't take it. The depressive thoughts creep back in, and I start feeling down. I hate that. I don't know how to remember to take it. But at least its working.

I'm even feeling like I am at a place where I can start exercising again. I am trying to alternate between speed walking the dogs one night and doing a work out the next. It's hard. I don't get home until so late, and then by the time that's done it's at least 8:00p. It doesn't leave much down time. And by the time I am at a place where I can knit - because I need some sitting time after exercising, it's time for bed. And then I have to get up and pick out my clothes, make a healthy lunch, clean the cat box, etc etc etc. It's a very exhausting life sometimes.

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