Monday, 23 April 2012


So because the combination of cipralex and divalproex didn't seem to be doing the trick - completely, and since there were some awful side effects (inorgasmia, fatigue, drowsiness, weight gain etc), Dr. Wiggers added wellbutrin to the mix. What's funny about this is that wellbutrin was the drug that Mark (my old psychotherapist) said I should go on from the very beginning. It seems I was the only one who got a kick out of that. The wellbutrin seems to be quite fast acting - my energy level seems to have improved slightly, but I am hoping it increases more...much more. Also, I am experiencing intense hot flashes that seem to go hand in hand with these. I remember them vividly with the cymbalta - it can get rough, so I am hoping that it doesn't get that bad with this. I now take 3 pills in the morning: one blue, one pink, one white and then another pink one at many pills. Who'd have thunk it? Not me, that's for sure. Dr. Wiggers thinks I'm on the plateau now, getting better - and for most days I agree with him. I am much better than I was last year at this time, or even 6 months ago at this time - but its so scary when those dark thoughts start peering in, trying to take hold of me. They still come: the worthless feelings, the life is pointless feelings, the fact that its never going to get better. But - I seem to be able to keep them at bay.

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