Wednesday, 9 May 2012


I am feeling a lot of pressure from both my home and my work. I have so much responsibility and so much is riding on my shoulders.

At work I am the one who keeps this place afloat. I bring in the sales, as best I can, I do the accounting and payroll, I manage the boys, have meetings with potential clients, and it's just a lot. If I fail the business fails, and if the business fails then I am either out of a job or I will be fired. If I am fired than we have no income at home and can't afford to make ends meet.

At home, I am in charge of the finances and budgeting. I take care of everyone's finance stuff - even Craig's to some extent. I make sure everyone's papers or documents regarding the last 3 years are taken care of, and must find creative solutions to have us not have to pay back the insane amount of money we are told we currently owe.

I still need to do all of our taxes. So I have taxes, gst, and cctb to figure out. I need to take care of the government stuff while at work, because government offices aren't open on evenings or weekends - which means doing it at work, which means taking time away from work.

However, I am looking for a distraction. It's like there is so much responsibility that by avoiding it, I am pretending its not there and I'll never have to deal with it - but I know I will.

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