Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Blah Blah

I started Metformin. It is an anti-diabetic drug designed to decrease the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, especially in those who are overweight or obese. It feels great to be on it. But if it helps me lose weight - then I guess its all right. The average is 13-18 pounds in 8 weeks - after week 1 I have lost nothing. But I didn't gain which is different than the last 8 weeks where I have gained. So I suppose that's something. Here's hoping for a loss next week.

I continue to feel better. I still tend to take my anger or irritability out on people, but am trying to take the first step by recognizing and apologizing for it. I'm aware that doesn't take away the transgression, but I'm hoping that by recognizing it I will begin to be able to stop it before it happens. It's one of my biggest issues right now I think. Then again, I don't live with me lol.

I'm also having some issues concentrating at work - though that me be laziness, or being used to slacking when I really couldn't function. I'm trying to motivate myself but it isn't really working. I have a pile of random tasks I keep putting off that really need to get done. I just need to sit down and do them. Here's hoping tomorrow I can buckle down and get 'er all done.

I saw Mark again and we got to work a little on the EMDR, apparently there is a lot of pre-work to be done, which gives me some hope for its effectiveness. I still have an issue thinking that saying that everything is caused from my past is a bit of a cop out. Everyone has a past yk. Maybe its more your past affects your habits and beliefs and those need to be adjusted. Everyone's pasts affect their habits. Maybe mine are just bad habits - lord knows I have had those before.

Andrea has been broken for a little while (about a week), so I have had the opportunity to take care of her. It's felt wonderful to be the one able to do that for her. It makes me feel useful instead of just being a taker all the time. I like taking care of her.

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