Friday, 14 September 2012


For the past week or so I've been suffering from this blah feeling. Before I thought that I was just unmotivated at work and that I was "something" at home and then yesterday I realized that it has been going on for a while. It's like an overall meh feeling, I don't really care to work, don't really care to *do* anything at home. Not that I am angry or whatever, or don't care - I do care and it does bother me but I cant seem to rouse a reaction out of myself.

I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the meds. I mean most things do it seems - but not everything can be. So maybe its me. Maybe I need to motivate myself somehow. Well, I know I do. I need to find a way to get over this hump as its affecting my work and home life.

I explained my lack of motivation for work yesterday. Its not that I am getting no work done, its that I'm incredibly slow with it. Simple tasks take an hour, and complex tasks take days.

At home, Andrea and I are off and aren't connecting like we normally do. I'm not anything other than blah. Like I said, I still care, I just can't seem to express it in a meaningful way.

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