Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sad Fat Girl - 9

I'm doing a lot of these posts lately - perhaps because it is always haunting me...

So I got two shirts yesterday with my jeans (that I realized in the evening look quite hideous on me because they are too tight :( ....) I went to go put them on this morning and neither of them fit. I got a large and an extra large and they are both suffocatingly tight. I'm sure Andrea would say they fit, but I don't feel comfortable in them at all. I hate things that are tight on my mid section. It shows my fat in an obvious way. I'd rather hide the rolls and look larger then having something tight that shows them but look smaller. It's more about how I feel than how I present myself and look to others.

I admitted to her that sometimes she makes me cry. It was a mistake to say it out loud, and I knew it the moment I said it. It's the truth though. I am so excited for her and the hard work she has put into looking and feeling the way she does. Not to mention how healthy she is. I guess looking at her just makes me feel, not jealous, but frustrated that even doing them same things, or close to the same things, I am seeing no results. That's what makes me cry - the frustration. Not the way she looks because I am lucky to be with someone as hot as she is.

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