Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I will always be bipolar

This is Kind of How I feel

I read this article today. I can relate to so much of it. From the staying on top of my meds, to feeling more stable, to knowing I will always have bipolar and episodes will happen again. It's so nice to read articles and blogs that sum up how I feel. It's nice not to feel so alone.

On that note, she says she died her hair purple and that's how she began to feel more comfortable in her own skin. This is how I feel about putting dreads back in my hair. When I had them, I felt more comfortable with my appearance. I never felt like I was hiding, but I felt like I stood out, and that they suited my personality - they gave me a confidence I never felt before. And who knows, I might put them back and not feel the same way - but its so worth it to try. Its unfortunate that I have to wait like two years before I can get them in again. I will be patient though - its worth it for the opportunity to gain some more confidence.

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