Friday, 8 February 2013

Not feeling depressed!


I am not feeling depressed. Or at least I wasn't yesterday and am not today. I ran 4km yesterday in 30 minutes which is awesome! If I can do it again I'm going to move up programs to learn to run for 60 minutes. How exciting!

I've been plowing through my self esteem book and even hung my affirmations around the house. It was a little embarrassing to be honest - but it's done and hopefully it will help.

I have tons of energy, and am feeling happy - it's wonderful.

I want to rewrite my letter to myself to make it a little more positive, and a little less long. That was I will be more motivated to read it because it won't be two pages long. I am supposed to read this letter out loud to myself two times a day. I've been fairly good about doing it before and after work, I'm proud of myself.

Has this self esteem book made a difference? IDK yet, maybe it has. I am recognizing when I am talking down to myself which is a good first step I guess, I just need to figure out how to combat that and get that thinking out of my head.

I wish I had more to say - I really want to type things.

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