Sunday, 5 May 2013

I am one of those people

So my meds work well when I take them in the mid afternoon.

Here is my problem - remembering to take them in the mid afternoon. I have been cranky, irritable, fed up with life, and altogether an overall miserable person without motivation and it was only on my drive to work that I realized how long its been since I've taken my meds.

Here is the problem, I see them when I grab my lunch at around 10:00a, and think to myself "I am going to take those at 2" then I see them again around noon for some reason and think the same thing. Inevitably I get busy in the afternoon and forget, and then see them at 4:30 when I am packing my bag to rush home and I think to myself "I'll take these as soon as I get home" and then I get home, and inevitably I forget and don't remember until about 8, wherein I could take them but then I think to myself "that'll screw me up for tomorrow when I take them at 2" but then I forget the next day too.

Needless to say, I have been off them for a while and I think they along with this cough, plus my very late and thus making me crazy period have all contributed to my mood thus far.

I hate being one of those people that has to rely on medication. I was hoping there would be a day, soon, that I could start weaning myself off of these meds - but it doesn't look like that's in my future any time soon. I seem to need them to function at base level. This sucks...and note to self - take meds at 2 today!

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