Saturday, 25 May 2013

Solitary Peace in Chaos

Today was a busy weird day. I was with the kids all day and we had a blast, of course there were a few snags, whines, and screams but that is par for the course with kids. However, when we got home there was such a different vibe in the house that it as hard for me to transition back.

Andrea and Craig have this kinship with each other which is very cool to witness, but very hard to break into once they have established their rhythym for the day. So that plus my sudden weird mood after dinner made things awkward. \

I had fun playing with Roman, and we snuggled and laid together and read stories all cuddled in a blanket. But then Roman went to bed and I didn't leave the playroom I felt such a sense of peace being in the chaos today that going to the quiet adult time was really hard for me. Plus that aforementioned kinship that was already established. I just felt that I wanted to be alone, or with kids; not that I didn't want to be around other people, just that I felt more at peace by myself.

However, as she was going to bed, Andrea came in and tucked me in and snuggled with me, and I was grounded once again in adult interaction and in our relationship. It felt wonderful, and was a beautiful end to a chaotic, weird day.

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