Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Talking with Friends

I have a friend on facebook who messaged me out of the blue asking questions about my medications and my bipolar. She was curious for herself. But that's not what this entry is about. 

I hadn't realized how little I talk about my bipolar with people. It feels great to share my experiences with people. Tell them how the medication affected me, what hospitalization was really, how I feel guilty for Andrea, and everything else that comes with being bipolar. It feels almost cathartic and healing. 

I don't know how I would go about talking about it more, sharing my experiences and what not. I would like to talk about it more, educate people and heal myself at the same time. It feels freeing. Like getting the fact that those negative thoughts are coming back out in the open makes them feel less strong, like I am taking control over them by not trying to hide them or protect myself from them all the time. 

I blog, which I guess is me talking about it, but when I blog or keep a journal I always pretend that people are reading it. I write so people will read it. I know no one is reading this blog - which is fine, as I don't promote it and my posts aren't that great. So aside from blogging I don't really talk about it much. I would like to. I would like to end the stigma that goes along with being bipolar. I am functional. I am on medication that helps me. I will always be bipolar but that doesn't mean I'm less of a person. 

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