Monday, 24 June 2013

The start of a hectic week

So I worked monday to friday last week, and then on saturday and sunday I worked at a hotel cleaning rooms. Then I work monday, tuesday, wednesday at my regular job on top of going to my schools orientation meetings. On Tuesday and Wednesday I also have training for a new job at Bell Canada. On thursday I work my regular job, go home, sleep, then start work at a merchandising job at 9:00p until 6:00a, wherein I will drive to work for my friday shift here. Then I will go home and sleep and work the merchandising job again from 9-6. On saturday I work at Bell Canada from 10-6, then do the merchandising job again from 9-6, and then on sunday I work at Bell from 11-5. It's a crazy ass week. I am hoping adrenalin, and a combination of coffee and my wake up pills keep me going. Oh yeah, On friday I go to orientation at my school from 9-12, then work here for 2 hours, then leave here to go to a midwife appoint for 3:15. Plus I have an appointment with wiggers tomorrow at 3:30.

Am I nervous about my mental health? For once not at all. I need to make sure I am sleeping whenever I can, and that I am taking my pills - this will help me keep sane and balanced during this week.

Andrea is taking such good care of me, she made muffins for my breakfast this morning, as I got to work at 6:00a and intend to do that while I go to school for the 8 weeks so I can get more hours in. She had a smoothie all ready for me, and I have been drinking it all day - it has kept me going and kept my belly full with food. She is an amazing partner and without her I don't think I'd make it through anything.

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