Monday, 8 July 2013

Failing and Falling

I'm struggling, so much so that Andrea has noticed. I just feel so negative, pessimistic, and down about life, and it's becoming increasingly difficult to reign those thoughts in, to keep them under control.

My life isn't bad at all. I have no reason to be feeling the way I feel. Yes, I encounter the daily frustrations of life - but those never brought me down before. Now, they are.

The lawn mower broke my necklace (the chain that you pull to start it got caught on the chain), and then kept shorting out until it eventually ran out of gas - and that whole 45minute ordeal caused me to cry 3 times.

The blow dryer in the bathroom also shorted out on me, for some reason it overloads the plug all of a sudden, and that caused me to cry.

These are just minor instances, yet it's the small things that seem to be bringing me down.

I don't want to go down, I want to just handle those frustrations with ease.

I'm hoping this down mood ends quickly, and doesn't get any worse.

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