Medications and Therapies I've Tried

Medications I've Tried

CURRENTLY TAKING: Latuda (40mg daily) + Prozac (10mg daily)
Seroquel (on an as needed basis when I feel hypomanic)

-5-HPT: worked a little to bring my up but wasn't very strong.

-Cymbalta : This was pushed on me by the first doctor I went to see. I asked for Welbutrin, he threw two sample packs at me. This caused my first recognized episode of mania.

-Effexor: Was effective at first. Gave me what I have deemed as Effexor tired. If I sat longer than 10 minutes I could not keep my eyes open. It had a lot of side effects I couldn't handle and ended up not being strong enough to warrant continuing.

-Lamotrigine: Was on this for quite some time. It worked well to balance out my mood, but I kept going deeper and deeper into a dark depression. I had a near suicide attempt while on it. This has also affected my vision, giving me blurryness, double vision, and light sensitivity. As of May 2012 Im back on this.

-Lithium: This was added to the lamotrigine to bring me up from the depression. This caused severe anxiety in me. I felt better outside of the house, but the anxiety I felt about being at home caused me to have suicidal thoughts. This was the first medication I had to give to Andrea because of the potential to overdose.

-Ativan: This was given to me as a PRN medication to deal with the anxiety brought on by the lithium. I was given this after a call to a suicide hotline. It became a near daily thing, so much so that it became uneffective.

-Seroquel: After my first hospitalization they started me on seroquel. It was kind of effective at first, may have been placebo, but soon sent me manic as well. I walked 17km's one night, and strangled myself with a belt.

-Olanzipine: I was given this during my second hospitalization. It is a tranquilizer and it certainly does that. It also causes weight gain which I experience as well on it.

- Prozac: The one that everyone has heard of. I also started to take this after my 2nd hospitalization. I don't know if its working. I don't feel like me while I'm on it.

- Clonazepine: I was given this in lieu of the ativan that had stopped working. This didn't work at all for anything so I stopped taking it.

- Divalproex: On this one I don't feel like me. I am a shell of myself. I am not manic or depressed, but I am not me.

-  Cipralex: This is a new brand of SSRI for me. It is supposed to function similar to effexor. It appears to be stronger, and I seem to be able to tell emotionally when I forget to take a dose. Stopped working.

-Abilify : I can't really say what this one does completely. It made me incredibly agitated so my original dose was lowered, only now with my depression not being managed well, its going up again. It made me incredibly sleepy, and restless. 
Modafinil: This is a wake up pill I am on to counteract the drowsiness and fatigue of the abilify, cipralex and lamotragine that I am on. It works when I remember to take it in the morning, but I wish it was stronger.

LatudaThis is an atypical anti-psychotic that is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia in Canada, and for schizophrenia and bipolar depression in the United States. It was prescribed off label. I felt very little side effects from this. 

Therapies I've Tried

 CURRENTLY TRYING ECT (on an as requested basis, not regularly) + Holistic Counselling

-EFT: Emotional Freedom technique, or tapping. I started this before I started the 5-htp. This involved tapping on various energy points of the body to release anxiety, stress, or emotional issues. I was offered this by a friend who's step dad is a practitioner. It was beneficial for some traumatic experiences from childhood but soon proved not effective enough for me.

- Psychotherapy : I loved this therapist. Through him we discovered that a lot of my issues are because I am not a priority to myself. He saw my way out of depression as doing more things for me, valuing myself more. I liked him as a person. I, eventually, stopped being able to afford him, but I am also not sure if there is anything more he could do for me.

- Psychiatry : The psychiatrist doesn't really deal with anything other than medications, and he is who I am seeing now. He has offered ongoing support to me to vent to him via email any time I need it. He is willing to work with me long distance.

- Emotional Regulation Support Group : I felt really out of place in this group sometimes. I felt envious of all of the other group members, while at the same time couldn't bring myself to be as vulnerable as they are. I learned some skills, and I am trying to use them.

- Electro Convulsive Therapy : First tried this after a hospitalization. It worked really well at first, but then I think I did too many and somehow outsmarted it so it looped back around to not working. I stopped ECT for a few months and then started again and had two sessions to get me out of a really bad place. 

- Holistic Counselling: A counselling approach that focuses not just on behaviour but also emotions and the spiritual side of things.